Save Money with These 10 New Cars under $15,000

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Some of us just can’t afford to drive the expensive new cars coming out this year, even though we desperately want to. Thankfully, there is a whole bunch of new cars under $15,000 that offer their own unique perks. Cheap cars can still come with the features you want, just as this list will show you.

Not only are these compact and subcompact cars easy on the pocketbook, but they are also reliable little vehicles designed to give you years of usage. Save money with one of these choices this year.

In no particular order, here is our list of 10 new cars under $15,000.

1# 2018 Hyundai Accent

Coming in just under the $15,000 mark is the Hyundai Accent, which is available as either a sedan or a hatchback. Surprisingly, the hatchback does offer a good amount of cargo space. The only engine is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder that produces 137 horsepower. This makes it a nice option for day to day drives, but accelerating on the highway isn’t much of a joy.

This fourth-generation front-wheel-drive car is paired with either the six-speed manual or automatic transmission. In 2015, the Accent had a face-lift where it received a new grille as well as updated headlights and taillights. It also received the exterior temperature display and new interior fabrics as standard equipment.

What We Like:

The affordable price is the number one asset of the Accent, but it also offers a solid drive.

What We Don’t Like:

The Accent is a basic car when you don’t have the money to spend on options. You won’t receive many tech features. The ride can also be quite noisy.

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